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So, what is this site all about you might ask?
This domain is one I use to test scripts on and basically mess around.
Anything that I can't figure out where else to put it will likely end up here,
like my stuff on yoga (now moved to my blog) or my rap opera.

This site is sort of like my personal blackhole of a website.
Many scripts and ideas enter, but few leave...
I've used this site for all kinds of junk in my attempts at making some money
with affiliate marketing and webmastering. Some of it has gone well and made some coin
while others have been epic failures. Luckily though, I get to hide the failures
and bask in the glory of my minor successes! muuahahahaha
ok, that's enough ranting for now. Have a look around and enjoy yourself ;)

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If you're totally lost and confused with no idea how you got here
might I suggest you check out Om Search. thx much bye bye.